Learn more about menopause

sleep stress immunity  covid 19

How do sleep (not enough) and stress (too much) impact your immunity and therefore your vulnerability to COVID 19 or other illnesses? Find out the risks and how to mitigate them in this pre-recorded webinar with a Gennev Health Coach.

aching joints covid19

Feeling stiff or achy when you get up to run errands or prep the next meal? Any pain in your joints? Potential reasons and remedies are at the ready, right here.

covid 19 sleep stress immune system

Supportive strategies and tips around sleep and stress during this COVID-19 crisis. Plus a special invitation to our free webinar with Health Coach Stasi.

gennev primary care gynecology menopause

To ease the burden on you and on our overloaded health care system, Gennev is now offering gynecologic and primary care services. Gennev is health care for women, from the safety of home.

menopause multiple sclerosis ms

Menopause on its own is enough of a challenge for many. Coupled with a chronic disease like MS — whose symptoms can mimic menopause — adds a new level of complications. Read one woman's story and how to handle menopause+.

pelvic health

In this video/podcast, Dr. Meagan speaks with Gennev Health Coach Stasi Kasianchuk about pelvic function. What are the pelvic muscles? What do we use them for? How do we keep them strong and fit?