health care awareness

Sometimes, getting and staying healthy takes more than just you: docs, nutritionists, coaches, physical therapists … Our PTs talk about all the ways they work to keep us well.

taste change menopause

Does coffee taste bland now or chocolate just isn’t as sweet? Our sense of taste can change as we get older. Find out why it happens and how to enjoy your food again.

heart palpitations menopause

Banging, fluttering, racing, even skipping a beat – when your heart does any of these when you’re neither exercising nor suddenly realizing Benedict Cumberbatch is standing next to you, it can be very frightening. Declining levels of estrogen can cause […]

team genneve wishes love health joy 2018

All the very best to you in 2018 and beyond! love, team genneve

midlife me time barbara mark

You’re a successful woman in midlife, but you find yourself asking, “Is this it?” Answer: no. Find the fulfillment you deserve! Hear our podcast with Dr. Barbara Mark.

healthy fats

Yes, there are good, healthy fats you need in your diet. Our nutrition coach gives us the skinny on fats.