Learn more about menopause

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Working out has gotten trickier lately, and not just because we're all trying to exercise at home with less space and equipment than we're used to. As our bodies change over time, it is normal for our exercise routine to need adjustment as well.

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As we age, our nutritional needs change. But in a busy world full of pre-packaged food, getting the right balance of nutrients can be challenging. So Gennev created the Vitality pack — a supplement pack designed just for women in midlife and menopause.

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To help women ensure they fill nutritional gaps, Gennev Director of Health Coaching Stasi Kasianchuk and Naturopathic Physician Wendy Ellis teamed up on a webinar all about how to supplement.

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Menopause can shake our confidence, but Amy Schmidt says midlife women have confidence within them. If we can tap into it and match it with our new creativity, we are genuinely a force to be reckoned with.

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What better gift could you give mom in this time of COVID 19 than the gift of better health? Gennev has some great ideas to strengthen mom's immunity and make her happy, even if you can't give her a hug right now.

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When most of us think of grief, we think of losing a loved one or the end of a relationship. Does it make sense to have a sense of grief in the coronavirus crisis, even if you haven't lost anyone? Psychiatrist Swapna Vaidya says yes. Learn more.