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safe supplements menopause

Shopping for supplements can be overwhelming — so many choices! Which ones are safe and effective? Dr. Wendy Ellis educates on why the supplement market can be tricky and how to navigate it.

irritability menopause natural remedies

Irritability in menopause is very real, and when your job, your kids, your life get under your skin, it can eat away at your confidence and happiness. Learn some natural remedies to counter the irritation and get your joy back.

libeeration beer women menopause

Imagine a beer that not only tastes fantastic but that could also potentially soothe some of your menopause symptoms. It exists. And we couldn’t be happier.

best herbs for female health with jovanka ciares

Just like every part of our bodies, we need to take care of our reproductive system. Wellness expert Jovanka Ciares shares her easy herbal tonic recipe.

5 herbs to ease digestion

From the wellness expert who brought you “sleep hacks: herbs for sleeplessness and anxiety” comes another video packed to the eyeballs with healthy herbal goodness. This time, Jovanka is taking on another common menopausal symptom: digestive disruption. “Your digestion is […]

sleep hacks herbs for sleeplessness anxiety

Poor sleep and anxiety are two issues we hear about frequently from women in menopause. Wellness expert Jovanka Ciares shares remedies for better rest.