This podcast is for any woman over 40 who's felt invisible or unheard.

Imagine starting a new career at 46 – one that involves putting on bathing suits or lingerie or gorgeous gowns, and getting your picture taken to be in magazines and advertisements and social media campaigns. 

It's hard to be "invisible" when your picture is on the side of a bus!

Rachel Peru started modeling at 46. She embraced her silver hair, her body's natural curves, her newfound "go for it" attitude, and now she's traveling, on the cover of publications like Goldie Magazine, and having a wonderful time of it all.

Rachel Peru

Listen to her conversation with genneve CEO Jill Angelo about finding confidence and her own voice, how her children feel about their mom's modelling career, the challenges of being a 40+ model, and the unexpected joys that can come from taking big risks.

Have you embarked on a second (or third or fourth) career after 40? What was it, and what encouraged you to make the leap? We'd love to hear about the challenges and successes, so please share. Tell us your story in the comments below, join the conversation on "second careers" on our community forums, tell us about it on our Facebook page or in our closed Facebook group

Photo credit: Goldie Magazine, Photographer Steve Cockram @stevieroyphoto.
Thumbnail Image part of the I Am More Than project @iam_more_than. Photographer Matt Brown @mattsphotosuk