It’s Sunday and I’m having my morning coffee. I’m up earlier than normal, because my mind is busy.

In fact, I even tried out Headspace for the first time this morning on the advice of my health coach Lauren to quiet my mind and relax my chest.

And I think it worked, at least for the moment.

Later this week, I will have some exciting updates about Gennev. In fact, I’m so excited for these changes, I am struggling to sleep!

We are giving more attention to being an authentic and bold reflection of all women we serve. And our services will expand based on requests from women who have taken the Gennev Menopause Assessment.

It’s. Going. To. Be. Amazing.

Till then, here’s a fun and informative resource I recommend you check out: hellopause, a new web series with a mission to de-stigmatize #perimenopause.

This week, I had the awesome opportunity to be part of Episode 2, The Healthcare Funhouse.

In this 35-minute episode, four women talk about navigating the healthcare system in menopause and how challenging that can be.

Joining me on the health services side of the conversation was Lisa Savage, MD, FACOG. She is a Texas-based ob/gyn with 25 years’ experience in private practice. She’s also one of our awesome physicians in Gennev’s telemedicine team.

Bringing their personal stories to the conversation, Detra Payne and Brandi Andrade are women going through menopause who have tried EVERYTHING. I mean, the bags of pills, the bottles of potions and the books they brought to the film set were piled high.

Dr Savage took on questions about bioidentical hormones, compounded hormones and how important it is to have an ob/gyn in your care team. I shared how Gennev is improving access to menopause experts, affordably, in addition to bringing credible information to women digitally, for free.

If you identify with Detra or Brandi, I encourage you to watch the The Healthcare Funhouse. For months to come, Producer/Director Lisa Kaselak is going to release more episodes. They’re free. They have a fresh take on menopause. And, they’re starting the dialogue about something that still isn’t talked about enough.

That rounds out my Sunday morning thoughts. Thanks for indulging me in a tease of the week ahead.

More soon...

Jill Angelo