Publishing and/or guest posting with gennev

Thank you for inquiring about posting on gennev. We appreciate your interest in helping women have easier, happier, healthier lives in menopause.

There are several ways we allow others to publish on our platform, so please read this document thoroughly before submitting.

Please note that any content that appears on our platform or is linked to from our platform must be of the highest quality – thoroughly researched, accurately stated, correctly cited. Our platform is built on trust, and we are scrupulous in maintaining the highest standards for any information, products, etc. that appear on it.

Most of the readers on our site are middle-aged women seeking relief from menopause symptoms and information about how to be healthier now and in the future. If your content isn’t relevant to our audience, please stop here. 

One: We host your sponsored post

While we are accepting some sponsored posts, our site is primarily to inform our community, not sell to them, so any post we publish must adhere to that principle. Your post needs to benefit women in midlife and menopause, as does any product or service your company is advertising. Any post not related to our audience will be rejected.

By submitting a sponsored post to us, you are affirming that the content you wish us to publish belongs to you or someone you represent, and the information provided there is accurate. We reserve the right to discontinue a post – with no refund – if we discover otherwise. 

We publish a maximum of two sponsored blogs a month around the middle and end of the month. All sponsored posts will be marked as such and will post only on the weekend unless we agree otherwise for particularly time-sensitive materials.

The Gennevsite receives about 45,000 pageviews per month. Demographically, our audience looks like this: 

  • 80 percent of users are 35 years of age or older
  • 83 percent of users are female
  • 99 percent are English speaking
  • Average time on the site is 2:30

Rates for sponsored posts range from $400 – 1000 and depend on the length, category, and links.

Guidelines for sponsored posts:

  1. Be relevant to our audience
  2. Do not advertise a product or service that is unsafe or untested
  3. Stay within 700 to 1000 words
  4. Limit graphics to two (2), which you must have license or permission to use
  5. Be thoroughly researched, accurately stated, correctly cited
  6. Maintain a similar voice and tone to the content already on our site

Links are “nofollow,” and we make no guarantees about the number of click-throughs a sponsored post may get.

We will edit your post for tone and voice; all other editing should be done before it is submitted. Posts with errors in grammar, spelling, etc., will not be accepted. If we make significant edits, we’ll return the copy for your approval before publishing. 

Payments are made via PayPal and must be completed before the post publishes. If anything in the post changes or if links require updating, we’ll make a limited number of changes within 2 business days of notice from you. 

We strongly suggest you pitch your post before writing it. If you’re ready to inquire, you can contact Shannon Perry, GennevDirector of Media & Marketing to start the conversation.  

Two: We publish your guest post

If you have relevant information to share or a fun, fascinating, fabulous story to tell, we’d love to share it. If you’re doing important research that may ultimately benefit our community, we’d love to help you spread the word. 

We do frequently publish guest posts on Gennevand love the breadth and depth of expertise guest posts can give our audience. However, our standards for posting on our site are high, so we strongly suggest you take a read of our content to get a feel for the kinds of posts we appreciate.

Very strong candidates:

  1. Interviews with relevant experts (or straight from the source if the expert is you)
  2. Personal stories of your perimenopause or menopause experience
  3. Menopause-specific topics such as nutrition for symptoms, natural remedies, new research
  4. Femtech (apps, devices, wearables)
  5. Menopause in the workplace
  6. Experiences of menopause in other countries/cultures

We will consider not-entirely-menopause-focused content on a pitch-by-pitch basis. We reserve the right to include rel=”nofollow” in any links. You may republish on other sites as long as Gennevretains the canonical link. 

Tips to help you get accepted:

  1. Pitch your topic to us before writing it.
  2. Aim for 1200 – 1500 words.
  3. Be unique, or if you’re treading a well-trod path, be compelling.
  4. Use headings (h2, h3) and keep paragraphs relatively short. Readability is key.
  5. Commit to helping drive traffic by posting links on your social channels and/or in your newsletter, etc.
  6. Be sure your post is thoroughly researched, accurately stated, correctly cited, and all sources are credible.
  7. Maintain a similar voice and tone to the content already on our site.
  8. Have license or permission for any graphic or image and limit to two.
  9. You may include links, but limit to 2 – 3 highly relevant links.
  10. Proofread. I can’t stress this enough. Seriously.
  11. Provide a short bio about you and a headshot, as well as bio and headshot for any expert you’re interviewing, if applicable.

I will edit your document to make it the best possible fit for our blog. I do not intend to change your content or meaning, but I will edit for readability, voice, and to correct any typos, etc. Substantial changes will be sent back to you for acceptance or counteroffer. Any blog requiring an inordinate amount of cleaning up or that doesn’t meet agreed-upon expectations will be rejected.

Your piece will be published probably within one to three weeks from the date we agree on the final version. We will also push it out on our social channels. We encourage you to respond to comments on your post. 

Guest posts can be deleted for any reason. 

Three: We add your links to our content

Many of our articles are about highly complex subjects, and we appreciate the opportunity to provide more in-depth knowledge from experts. 

By submitting a link to us, you are affirming that the content you wish us to link to belongs to you or someone you represent, the information provided there is accurate, and if the link expires or the content changes, you will alert us within 24 hours of the change with an updated link. We reserve the right to discontinue a link – with no refund – if the content found there changes substantially.

At gennev, we also reserve the right not to accept all links. Every link request is vetted to ensure it aligns with the content of the page it’s placed on. We do not accept links that serve as direct promotional links to products. 

Six months: $100. The link will be active for six months following completion of payment. After six months, you have the opportunity to renew or the link will be removed.

Twelve months: $175. The link will be active for twelve months following completion of payment. After twelve months, you have the opportunity to renew or the link will be removed.

Perpetual: $500. The link will remain active for the life of the article.

In all cases, your link will be preserved if Gennevreposts the blog on Medium, LinkedIn, or other publishing platforms.

To submit a link for placement, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name, title, email, and company name.
  • Your company’s website.
  • Link URL
  • Link Source (where you’d like the link to appear on gennev)
  • Duration (6 mos, 12 mos, indefinitely)

All payment is via PayPal, and once payment is received, the link will go live. We cannot guarantee how many impressions or clicks a link will receive.

We can also add your advertisement to a podcast. Podcast ads should run about 30 seconds and are permanent. You can supply your own ad (in the form of a high-quality mp3 or WAV file), or we can produce it for you. “Production” by Gennevcan include scripting, voicing, and producing, with up to two rounds of revisions. We will provide the file for you to use as you wish. 

Pre-roll: (at the beginning of the podcast) 
You produce: $250
We produce: $350

You produce: $250
We produce: $350

You produce: $200
We produce: $300

Next steps

If you’re ready to inquire, you can contact Shannon Perry, GennevDirector of Media & Marketing to start the conversation.