Elizabeth MacBride is a highly accomplished journalist, writer, and editor, having written for CNBC, BBC Capital, Crain's New York, Advertising Age, the Washington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor, among others.

Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to found The Times of Entrepreneurship, a free, weekly newsletter covering entrepreneurs who are taking on some of the biggest challenges facing the world: climate, health, education, security, and more. With focuses on female, older, and immigrant entrepreneurs, The Times of Entrepreneurship seeks to foreground the broadest range of voices, especially those who are often left out of the conversation.

Entrepreneurship With Elizabeth MacBride

In this interview with Gennev CEO and co-founder Jill Angelo, Elizabeth MacBride and Jill discuss mature women's advantages in leadership, including a wealth of "social capital," deep understanding of emotional patterns and how they influence behavior, and the surge of self-confidence that comes to so many women as they age.


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