You already know Gennev is an amazing source for menopause care. Whether your concern is hot flashes or bone health or sexual function, our telemedicine doctors and health coaches have solutions and information that truly help restore quality of life now and maintain it the future, all via telemedicine options for at home care.

But in this time of COVID-19, we wanted to do even more to support our community. All of our physicians are OB/GYNs; many also have extensive experience in primary care. Given that right now and for at least the immediate future, going to a doctor’s office might not be the healthiest thing to do, we’ve asked our physicians with primary care experience to extend their offerings and their availability.

Gennev now offers limited primary care*

What does that mean?

It means our doctors can advise you on a host of other issues you may be experiencing, such as shortness of breath, cough, tightness of chest, eczema, allergies, nausea, infections, heartburn, and more.

Our doctors can offer guidance on these concerns and prescribe medications, if appropriate. If you’re worried your current prescriptions may run out before you can see your primary care doctor, we can help with that too.

For now, our primary care appointments are limited to certain states but we’re working to bring more states on line as quickly as we can.

Psst...You're Invited: Thursday, March 26, 1 - 2 PM Pacific.

Ask Sports Dietician and Exercise Physiologist, Stasi Kasianchuk, about sleep, stress, and how to manage both better.

Sure, send your questions now to with "Webinar" in the subject line. 

And definitely register for the free webinar where Stasi will be answering your questions directly.

Telemedicine in two ways

You can access primary care, gynecology, and behavior health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress) services in two ways with Gennev’s online services:

By appointment

If you want to meet with a physician for medical guidance and/or prescription support, our physicians are available by appointment through our video-based online call service. Like a FaceTime or Skype call, you can simply book an appointment online at a time that works for you, and then join your call via video at that date and time.

To learn more about that, check out our Telemedicine services.

By HealthFix membership

If you want a concierge relationship with Gennev Health Coaches and/or doctors who offer a combination of medical guidance, prescription support, and behavioral health management, HealthFix may be the best option for your care.

With a HealthFix membership, you get unlimited appointments and text messaging with your health practitioner. Depending on the membership option you select, you can

  1. work with a Health Coach who is also a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist for nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress behavioral support (HealthFix Basic) or
  2. you can work with a Health Coach AND work with a doctor who can offer medical advance and prescription support. (HealthFix Premium)

To learn more about HealthFix membership options, visit our HealthFix page.

More about HealthFix

The best solution to disease is not to get sick in the first place, and our HealthFix coaches can help you have a more robust immune system. If you’re wanting to maximize your health and immunity now during the coronavirus and in the future, take a look at our HealthFix offerings.

Not getting enough sleep? Are you too reactive to stressors? Could your diet and exercise regimens use some help? All of these can have a profound and negative impact on immunity and quality of life. Our coaches can help with all these concerns, whether they’re caused by your menopause transition or not.

And now you can get the best of both worlds: unlimited access to our Telemedicine doctors AND our HealthFix coaches with Gennev HealthFix Premium.

HealthFix Premium: The best of both worlds

Our doctors and coaches work together to provide the best menopause care – whether that’s a prescription or lifestyle/behavioral changes or some combination – because every woman’s menopause journey is different, and every woman’s body responds differently to different treatments.

Take the Menopause Assessment to identify where you are in the journey and how much certain symptoms are impacting you. Then work with a Health Coach to design your personalized menopause plan – a plan that targets your symptoms with the solutions that work best for you. And your plan is a living document: as you go through the natural changes of menopause, your plan changes with you, so you’re always in control.

If you need a medical consult or want to explore pharmaceutical options, you have menopause-specialist OB/GYNs as part of your care team, ready to talk you through the different strategies available with a careful eye on your medical history, risks, and health.

These can be frightening times, but there’s no reason to go through them alone. We have resources for you to check out, including podcasts, video, and blogs on COVID-19. And if you’re ready to take a break from coronavirus news, there’s plenty of content around menopause and midlife. And of course, check out our Gennev Community. Talk with others who are experiencing the same uncertainty and symptoms, get some advice, maybe a laugh, certainly a lift.

*Available only in certain states. Check here for listing.