vaginal dryness, hormones, and genneve

The cycle of life is natural, it’s beautiful….it can also be a pain in the privates.

Let’s face it: Hormones are weird. Like, really weird. They can turn sweet little kids into smelly, raging teenage beasts or prompt pregnant women to weep over car commercials. But the truth is, hormonal weirdness isn’t limited to adolescence and gestation.

If you’re a woman, hormones do all sorts of…. let’s call them “interesting” things—some we want to celebrate, others we just want to medicate. On the path of life, hormonal changes help us mark—and manage—some of the most important milestones, like the transformation from girl to woman, the body’s readiness for pregnancy, the process of childbirth, and the conclusion of fertility.

pain in the privates vaginal dryness
Hormones can also mess with you.

From the first paranoia of bleeding through your pants in front of your whole school, through mucus plugs, breast tenderness, and PMS, to estrogen drops and vaginal dryness, painful sex, and even incontinence, women have a lot to deal with. And the lack of information and real, open conversation can make understanding the changes and their effects more difficult.

That’s why we created genneve.

genneve is two things:

  1. A line of personal care products designed to relieve some of the more unpleasant effects of hormonal change, particularly vaginal dryness. (More on these in a moment.)
  2. A community where everyone is free to ask questions, offer advice, give or request support, and help bring the conversation out of the shadows.

We believe bodily issues, especially those involving the reproductive system, are too taboo. Which is ridiculous, really; half the world’s population are women, making periods, vaginal dryness, mucus plugs and an accidental pee some of the worst-kept secrets EVER. Yet many of the things us XY-types have to deal with are really critical to our health and quality of life. We’re ready to talk. Are you?

ready to talk about vaginal dryness

Who we are:

We’re women who think it’s time to empower all women to live their best lives. We want to help you feel confident, sexy, and happy in your body, no matter what mysterious thing it’s doing right now. We want to provide information, access to medical professionals who can answer questions and give advice, and a forum for free, lively, and open discussions around the issues that affect us. We also have diverse resources for alternative remedies for dryness, and information about why it's occurring in the first place.

What we’ve got for you:

  • genneve intimate moisture is an all-in-one, FDA-approved moisturizer and lubricant to help you handle internal or external dryness. Don’t limit your life for one more day because of discomfort! Use any time or to improve intimacy.
  • genneve water-based personal lubricant is nifty for exercise or sexual intimacy. It doesn’t stain and isn’t sticky, so you can use it with confidence.
  • genneve hybrid personal lubricant to help you get your sex life back. If intimacy is painful due to dryness, this frankly miraculous fusion of silicone and water is long-lasting and all kinds of delightful, and a much easier alternative to things like vaginal estrogen inserts.
  • genneve ultra-gentle body wash for everyday use to keep you feeling clean and fresh. Sensitive areas deserve special attention; here’s how you can treat your down-there with care!
  • genneve cleansing cloths are super-convenient. Keep ‘em handy for any time you need a little refresher or relief. We love them for after exercise when an immediate shower isn’t an option.
  • genneve moisture system is the only personal care system that creates long-lasting moisture and relieves dryness. Use the body wash to cleanse and prepare, then follow up with the intimate moisture to soothe and lubricate. Perfect for great sex or everyday comfort.

You can also relieve dryness intelligently by asking 10 key questions about any feminine lubricant, found here.

Join the conversation:

We’re creating all kinds of channels for conversation, so find the one that suits your needs and comfort level. Engage with us (or just lurk for now, we’re fine with that) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, stay tuned for upcoming podcasts, subscribe to this blog and our newsletter, check out our events calendar for opportunities to chat with genneve’s expert panel. We’re creating super-friendly, uber-supportive, non-judgmental spaces because you know that weird question you’re too embarrassed to ask? Yeah, we were wondering about that too.

free sample for vaginal dryness

Ready to get your fabulous back? Sign up for the genneve newsletter, order genneve products, and exercise your right to feel at home in your body. You can also request a free sample to test* out our products and choose the one that works best for you to decrease vaginal dryness. How you test our products is entirely up to you.

Our products contain no hormones, fragrances or parabens, and they are perfectly pH balanced to maintain nature’s intended chemistry. Expertly formulated to function and feel like your natural vaginal moisture, each product has been carefully tested for both safety and effectiveness.

*With a small shipping charge.