I’m about to let the cat out of the bag on two partnerships we’re going to formally announce. But I can’t help myself.

If you’ve been a victim of breast cancer, you’re part of a sisterhood that women outside of it just don’t understand.

I haven’t had breast cancer.

Yet I admire the work that two organizations – our newest partners – are doing for breast cancer prevention and survivor quality of life.

Let me introduce MiraKind. Based out of UCLA, MiraKind conducts patient-centric research to better understand novel inherited gene mutations, such as the KRAS-variant.

One in 10 women carry the KRAS gene. It’s a contributing factor to breast cancer.

Dr. Joanne Weidhaas, MD, PhD founded the non-profit organization in 2013 following the revolutionary discovery of the KRAS-variant mutation. And get this, her research has found that Hormone Replacement Therapy has proven to be protective against cancer development for women with the KRAS-variant.

We most often hear about the BRCA gene, but KRAS is more prevalent, less understood, and is most common in women with autoimmune disorders and low estrogen, who are thin and active.

That’s me.

I ordered up a kit from their website, and I’ll be doing the cheek swab test in the coming weeks. More on that in future newsletters.

We’re partnering with MiraKind to bring their research and good learning to the masses of women who should know more about their bodies, their own genetic makeup, and the power of hormone therapy for preventing breast cancer due to the KRAS-variant gene.

The second partnership I’m leaking to you today is with the authors of Estrogen Matters, one of the top-selling books on menopause. Oncologist Dr. Avrum Bluming and social psychologist Dr. Carol Tavris co-authored the book to reveal the facts, truths and benefits of hormone therapies.

Dr. Bluming has treated thousands of women for breast cancer – and the good news is that now 90% of all cases are cured.

The bad news, every woman who goes through treatment suffers from menopause symptoms.

Dr. Bluming was frustrated by the fact that he was helping women heal from their cancer, and in place of the hope for finally feeling healthy and alive, they were suffering from severe menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, extreme moodiness, hot flashes…the list goes on.

So, he did what he knows best; he researched how he could help his patients, confronted all the myths and fear that the Women’s Health Initiative created, and teamed up with Dr. Tavris to write a book.

I’m almost all the way through the book and I can’t recommend it enough. Even if you’re not a hormone-therapy fan, or you believe that the bioidenticals are the way to go, I recommend stretching your mind and giving it a read.

Our part of the partnership is to be a trusted place for 1:1 practitioner discussion on hormone therapy. If HRT is right for you, Gennev practitioners can write a prescription and call it into your local pharmacy. From there, your pharmacy will process through to your insurance, similar to how you’ve secured prescriptions in the past.

Let me state that there’s no profit in this for Gennev, for Dr. Bluming or Dr. Tavris. We’re partnering because we believe more women should be living a better quality of life!

Here’s to aligning with amazing partners in women’s health…