In this webinar, Gennev's Director of Health Coaching Stasi Kasianchuk speaks with naturopathic physician Dr. Wendy Ellis on adaptogens and the particular advantages they may have for women in menopause.

HRT? Testosterone pellets? What's safe and what's not? Like so many things we don't talk about, the truths about menopause can be a bit hazy. That's not OK when women's health, quality of life, and futures are at stake. 

Like Gennev, Amy Schmidt is on a mission to change the narrative around midlife and the way women feel about it. Midlife is not a crisis, she says; it's an opportunity. Hear her conversation with Gennev CEO Jill Angelo.

Menopause can feel like a time when we have to reduce or give up so many things we love: sugar, wine, coffee, sleep. For some women, quitting smoking just feels like one sacrifice too many.

In this podcast, "sexpert" psychologist Dr. Laurie Mintz and Gennev's Chief Medical Officer OB/GYN Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su talk about how relationships and intimacy can survive and thrive in difficult times.

How do you create community when everyone's isolating inside their home? Food is always a good way to bring people together, even when you need to keep them apart. Learn more.

Historically, it's been tough to start a business that caters specifically to women. Learn from female founders Jennifer Ferguson of Handful and Jill Angelo of Gennev how female leaders are changing the business of serving women.

To make sure women get all the nutrients they need, Gennev asked Naturopathic Physician Dr. Wendy Ellis to create the ideal daily supplement pack for women in midlife & menopause — a pack that promotes good health and helps manage menopause symptoms.

Working out has gotten trickier lately, and not just because we're all trying to exercise at home with less space and equipment than we're used to. As our bodies change over time, it is normal for our exercise routine to need adjustment as well.

To help women ensure they fill nutritional gaps, Gennev Director of Health Coaching Stasi Kasianchuk and Naturopathic Physician Wendy Ellis teamed up on a webinar all about how to supplement.

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