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FemBeat: Gennev Releases A Menopause Journey Map

Last updated on October 10, 2020
FemBeat: Gennev Releases A Menopause Journey Map

Aging is unavoidable. And we are excited for the following write up in Forbes Magazine, highlighting the work that Gennev is doing to map the menopause journey for all women.

"While products and services that cater to periods, fertility and pregnancy are multiplying, solutions for women over 40 are scarce, to say the least. Like many other areas in women’s health, menopause is a taboo topic that no one really wants to talk about. For the past three years, Seattle-based Gennev has been validating five menopause types by collecting data from 50,000 women across the world. Today, the online clinic for women in menopause released a new Menopause Journey Map that helps inform women if they are in menopause and where they are in their journey.

“For too long, women’s health 40+ has been treated as shameful,” said Gennev co-founder and CEO Jill Angelo, in a statement. “But with GenX women aging into midlife, demands for menopause information, community and solutions are on the rise.”

Read the full article HERE.