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Menopause health has 'few specialists and a lot of myths' – can tech change that?

Last updated on October 10, 2020
Menopause health has 'few specialists and a lot of myths' – can tech change that?

The US edition of The Guardian covers the evolving landscape of menopause health care, highlighting the work of Gennev.

"Chan and other founders in the space are hoping that, as well as improving women’s quality of life, they can help change attitudes towards the menopause. “We celebrate other milestones, such as a girl’s first period, but there’s still an attitude that women are losing something when they enter menopause,” says Jill Angelo, CEO of Genneve, the first online clinic in the US for menopausal women.

“We see it as the start of the second phase of life,” she explains, adding that the 40s and 50s are often when women are thriving in their careers, starting businesses, and have more freedom thanks to their children being older. “When you look at all the momentum around women’s equality, such as pay and #MeToo, we have still done very little in terms of healthcare. If you think about the women coming into menopause now, they’re Gen X women – they’re a lot different to our mothers’ generation.”

Angelo and her co-founder, former Neutrogena executive Jacqueline Brandywynne, have aimed to create a “one-stop shop” for women experiencing menopause symptoms. Users can book video meetings with practitioners, apply for patient monitoring, purchase products that provide relief for their symptoms such as specially-developed lubricants, and also access free educational materials. “When we started the business we spoke to 1,500 women, and they all said to us: ‘Just start the conversation,’” recalls Angelo. “They all told us they had no idea what happen to them in this phase of life.”"

The solution is HERE.