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Menopause: The DTC Digital Health Up-and-comer

Last updated on October 10, 2020
Menopause: The DTC Digital Health Up-and-comer

Gennev CEO, Jill Angelo, is quoted in this excellent write up on the current state of innovation in Menopause. Read below how entrepreneurs are innovating for the long overlooked life stage affecting nearly 1 billion consumers.

"Many women feel uncomfortable discussing menopause symptoms and the built-in association with aging, which leads to even more shame or stigma around symptoms that they don’t understand. “There’s no roadmap for menopause,” explains Jill Angelo, co-founder and CEO of Gennev, a virtual clinic that matches women with telehealth-based OBGYNs and Registered Dietitians, supplements, and education based on the symptoms they’re experiencing. “There’s no first trimester or second trimester. As women, we know perimenopause and post-menopause based on the anniversary of no menstrual cycle, but understanding when and why a woman experiences a variety of symptoms is what we’re able to offer through the Gennev Menopause Assessment.”

Read the full article HERE.