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Startup genneve debuts menopause telehealth platform

Last updated on April 7, 2021
Startup genneve debuts menopause telehealth platform

Thanks to MedCityNews for this great article on our origins as a company.

"The startup relies on a direct-to-consumer business model. Payment is out-of-pocket, and patients can book an appointment through It costs $45 to connect to a nurse practitioner and $65 to connect to a physician.

In a phone interview last month, Gennev CEO Jill Angelo added a bit of context on how the capability works. For instance, she noted that after the online visit, the patient will receive a post-appointment summary.

From the practitioner side, the provider inputs their schedule and appointment requests come into their queue. Angelo said Gennev is testing out evening and weekend appointment times. She also pointed out that many of the practitioners available via the platform are looking at this as a flexible opportunity to supplement what they currently do. “They’re winding down their career or they’re looking for more flexibility to work from home because they’re raising a family,” she said."

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