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This Isn’t Your Mother’s Menopause

Last updated on October 10, 2020
This Isn’t Your Mother’s Menopause

StartupHealth offers an excellent view into how and why Gennev does what we do.

"I always thought sleep would be like riding a bicycle, and that for the rest of my life I’d be able to do it intuitively. I love to sleep. But these days, nighttime slumber eludes me because my legs tingle and spasm me awake, and my brain won’t shut up about the future.

Until recently, I blamed myself for my persistent inability to sleep, and chalked it up to the pressures of adulthood, pumping my ears with nighttime meditations and sound baths in vain attempts to lull me to sleep. It wasn’t until I took Genneve’s Menopause Assessment that I considered the giant roadblock to restful nights was caused by something bigger than myself. That perhaps my sleeplessness and other physiological changes I’d observed in my body added up to the sum of M. Genneve is a new digital health company that serves as a resource for women’s health in midlife and menopause. In July 2018, four weeks into the launch of their new Menopause Assessment, Genneve had over 300 assessments submitted. Mine was one of them."

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