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CEO Thoughts: My New Mission is to Solve the Sleep Problem

Last updated on February 19, 2021
CEO Thoughts: My New Mission is to Solve the Sleep Problem

Sleep. We all want more, but rarely get enough.

It’s kind of like time. We’re always working to improve how we manage it and never feel like we have enough.

I’m a pretty good sleeper. I fall asleep within 15 minutes of hitting the pillow.

Staying asleep is my issue. I’m up twice every night to pee. I’m a thirsty person, so I drink a lot of water and have resigned to the fact that I will be up during the night.

The hard part is getting back to sleep. On intense days, my anxiety is on a tear winding me up during the day; it also creeps into my head during my nightly bathroom breaks. When that happens, I can easily subtract 2 hours off my sleep time during the night.

In our Menopause Assessment, 96% of you say that trouble sleeping is in your top 3 symptoms of menopause. Does it wreak havoc on your quality of life?

I bet it does.

In fact, lack of sleep contributes to foggy brain, changing moods, depression, hot flashes, metabolism changes and an overall feeling of blah. On my high-anxiety nights, I can thank my pee breaks for more than just lack of sleep!

That’s why we need to solve it.

Seriously, solving the world’s sleep problems is likely not going to be accomplished by Gennev. But, I believe we can make progress helping you fall asleep and stay asleep more peacefully.

Last week we launched our line of Gennev Sleep products: Sleep CBD Tincture + Mint for those who want to fall asleep fast. And for those who love your melatonin, we launched Sleep CBD + Melatonin Softgels for a more restful sleep.

The tincture is my jam, because I like the fast absorption. What's yours?


Sleep well...
Jill Angelo

Co-Founder and CEO, Gennev