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CEO Thoughts: The Business of Supporting Women

Last updated on October 10, 2020
CEO Thoughts: The Business of Supporting Women

Yesterday I met Jennifer Ferguson, Founder and CEO of Handful. I was so touched by her mission that I decided to write my Friday email about her company.

Handful is an active wear company, specializing in bras. Really comfortable bras.

I first experienced Handful when my running group of six women purchased matching pink bras to wear on a bachelorette run for a friend who was getting married (the bride-to-be wore white).

Little did I know about the woman behind the company – or the incredible mission she was undertaking to support cancer survivors, frontline workers, and anyone who needs a bra in all shapes and sizes.

That was 10 years ago.

Yesterday Jennifer joined us for our weekly webinar titled The Business of Supporting Women.

Handful has moved beyond creating comfortable bras that go from “wake up to worn out” to also supporting breast cancer survivors. From diagnosis through treatment and beyond, breast cancer survivors are eligible for a lifetime 30% discount on all Handful bras and activewear through their Breast Friends Forever program.

During the webinar, Stasi Kasianchuk, Gennev’s Director of Health Coaching interviewed Jennifer and me about being in the business of supporting women.

Jennifer – from a supportive clothing perspective, and me – from a health and wellness perspective.

We all want to feel comfortable inside and out, and together our companies focus on women feeling good about themselves; feeling like they can move; knowing that they are supported.

Jennifer and I believe in this so much that we joined forces with a few other women-owned companies to create a special offer for women while building our companies.

Starting today, we're pooling products and services from each of our organizations for one lucky winner. It’s worth $600. If you’re up for entering to win a special health, wellness, and fashion treat, go to our Instagram and enter to win.

The winner will be announced on Friday May 22nd.

So there you have it. Women supporting women and some fun free stuff all in one.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Jill Angelo

Co-Founder and CEO, Gennev


P.S. Use code GENNEV to get 20% off a Handful purchase.