Good sleep can be hard to come by for women in midlife and menopause. While the solutions out there are helpful for some (turn off your screens, take melatonin, exercise early), they may not work for all.

animation of woman not sleeping

In the article “Can’t Get Good Sleep? Help Beyond ‘Turn Off Your iPad‘” on Prime Women, discover what “bad sleep” really is (too little, too late, too lousy), what causes it (hormones, pain, annoyances like hot flashes and Restless Leg Syndrome), and what the ramifications are of poor sleep (heart disease, weight gain… that other thing… oh yeah, memory problems).

Also discover some different ways of finding better rest: Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi), sleep restriction, boosting tryptophan consumption… but probably NOT sleeping pills.

Do you have trouble getting good sleep? It’s a chronic problem in the modern world, particularly for women in midlife and menopause. If you’ve found solutions that work, please share! (no really, we’re begging you) Fill us in in the comments below, on Gennev's Facebook page, or in Midlife & Menopause Solutions, our closed Facebook group.