genneve rebranded gennev

Jill Angelo, CEO of the newly rebranded Gennev says, "I’m in love with the new Gennev look, feel, and most of all, what the brand represents. I hope you are too." The new brand is fresh, vibrant, and confident—just like the women we serve.

menopause sex marriage

Menopause and its symptoms are tough on the person living through the transition. It can also be tough on romantic partners. Here's help to understand what's happening and how to get through it.

facts myths breast health cancer

When it comes to the health of your breasts, it can be hard to distinguish the warnings you’ve heard from what may actually cause breast cancer. Read more to get the facts on caring for your body and breasts.

new gennev

We're introducing a new Gennev brand and membership to better serve the strong, powerful, modern women you are. Gennev is your community for the second half of life because you have #NoTimeToPause.

sugar menopause hot flashes halloween holidays

Cutting back on sugar may help hot flashes — but heading into Halloween and the sweet-laden holiday season can make that a challenge. Find out why and how to reduce your sugar.

fasting breast cancer menopause

Breast Cancer Awareness month comes with really great awareness efforts. But what can women do to prevent breast cancer? Intermittent fasting may provide real benefit for women at higher risk of breast cancer.