Learn more about menopause

macular degeneration menopause

It's Healthy Vision Month and we're looking into connections between age-related macular degeneration (AMD), menopause, and taking actions to keep our eyes in top form. Join us.

business women entrepreneurship

Historically, it's been tough to start a business that caters specifically to women. Learn from female founders Jennifer Ferguson of Handful and Jill Angelo of Gennev how female leaders are changing the business of serving women.

stroke menopause

Did you know that the risk for stroke in post-menopausal women roughly doubles? In fact, women suffer 60% of stroke events. Taking a closer look at stroke... click for more.

vitality supplements nutrients menopause

To make sure women get all the nutrients they need, Gennev asked Naturopathic Physician Dr. Wendy Ellis to create the ideal daily supplement pack for women in midlife & menopause — a pack that promotes good health and helps manage menopause symptoms.

hotter hot flashes menopause

Is it possible that hot flashes come in multiple temperatures? Including "hotter"? What's the connection between body temperature and hot flashes? What happens? This and more in this post.

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Working out has gotten trickier lately, and not just because we're all trying to exercise at home with less space and equipment than we're used to. As our bodies change over time, it is normal for our exercise routine to need adjustment as well.