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self care work from home

Self-care is a critical element, a non-negotiable, now more than ever. Reclaiming what was once your commute time for self-care can look like this and sustain you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Take a look.

coronavirus menopause stress risk

COVID-19: Hear our panel of experts discuss not only the special risks you may encounter if your immune system is less robust, but also the ways exercise, nutrition, and a calm, positive attitude can strengthen that immune system so you stay healthier.

healthfix expansion

Gennev is expanding our popular HealthFix subscription program to include a second offering. Now women can access all their menopause care online, from the safety and comfort of home, on demand.

covid19 menopause risk

Who is at higher risk when it comes to the COVID-19 virus? If you're tired, stressed, not sleeping well, and/or not eating well, your immune system may be weakened. Learn how to build up immunity and take care of yourself now and always.

more blood menorrhagia menopause

Menorrhagia, verrry heavy bleeding, can be a big surprise, and even overwhelming. Take a closer look at this perimenopause symptom so you won't be caught off-guard.

mediterranean diet cooking menopause

The Mediterranean eating style is great for women in menopause. If you're not sure what that is or how to do it, or you just want to add to your repertoire, check out this conversation between a Gennev Menopause Coach and a chef who specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.