Learn more about menopause

telemedicine coronavirus

Now is exactly the right time to consider Telemedicine. Straight talk about COVID-19 from here in Seattle, tips on staying healthy, plus why and how to engage in Telemedicine.

gout menopause nutrition

Gout has been on the rise in women ... it's actually doubled over the past 20 years. Review this post for risk factors, what to avoid, and how gout commonly shows up in women's bodies differently from men's.

entrepreneurship mature women

What unique advantages do mature women entrepreneurs bring to the table? In this podcast, Gennev CEO and co-founder Jill Angelo talks to business expert, writer, and journalist Elizabeth MacBride about women, business, and the confidence of age.

metabolic syndrome menopause

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that can greatly increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Women in menopause are at greater risk. Find out how to protect yourself and manage health conditions.

eating disorders in midlife

Did you know that disordered eating represents the highest mortality rate of all mental health illnesses? It's a worthy topic for women in perimenopause and menopause and for the next generation of people who will navigate the same path.

yeast infection

Not just for women... and not just for vaginas either. Get the details on yeast infections... you may already know of some of them, just by other names.