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menopause benefits postmenopause

When it comes to menopause symptoms, most of us know about them because we’re either dreading them or living them. Let's take a sneak peek at what happens when menopause symptoms are over and done with.

weight redistribution menopause

The weight distribution changes in your body can be alarming, stressful, even baffling. Take a look for more insights on working with your beautiful body, belly and all.

alzheimers menopause

For many women, a parent’s Alzheimer's disease (AD) diagnosis coincides with the onset of menopause, adding another layer of stress and concern to an already emotional situation.

manage holiday stress menopause

Scan for tips and prompts to help you get a handle on holiday stress and manage menopause symptoms.


Being a caregiver can be rewarding, knowing your loved one is in caring, capable hands — yours. But while you're taking care of them, who's taking care of you?

gratitude benefits menopause

Develop a gratitude practice and experience the benefits. Yes, even during menopause. Click to begin.