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PTSD and menopause

19, Feb 2020

A gentle look into this topic, plus two suggestions for how to move forward in your overall health and well being with your support network.

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If you want a more fulfilling sex life, you should have it. We talked with sex expert Jessa Zimmerman on re-engaging sex drive in midlife and menopause.


Coronavirus is making headlines all over the world, but how worried should we really be? Learn more from Gennev's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su.

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Stress has more of an impact on heart health than once thought. Take a look and see for yourself... Don't miss the relaxation tips while you're here.

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Heart disease is still the number one killer of women, yet only 30 percent of us understand how risk increases after menopause. Be part of happier statistics and learn more about cholesterol, menopause, and cardiovascular disease.

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Explore more about how hormones can affect heartbeats and how heart palpitations can be triggered during menopause.