Learn more about menopause

access doctor covid telemedicine

At Gennev, we’re opening up our telemedicine services to help women get medical attention for gynecological or primary care issues without taking the risk of going to their doctor’s office or clinic.

gut health immunity covid 19 menopause

One of the most unknown and underrated ways to strengthen your immune response is gut health. Learn about the importance of a healthy gut, including what all the gut does (a lot) and how best to protect and feed it.

work self care job covid 19

What does science say about self-care? And why does it seem like another "job" to do during COVID-19? This and more, including tips, inside.

nutrition covid19 menopause immunity

Nutrition plays a critical role in supporting our immune system. Now more than ever it's time to prioritize your nutrition to keep you healthy and well. Give a listen to our podcast to learn easy ways to prepare and eat meals that support your immune health.

gennev telemedicine covid19 healthcare

Telemedicine can mean access to health services to stay well, without coming into contact with those who can make you ill. Gennev is helping to stem the spread while making sure you get the care you need.

healthy home office

For those of us who have switched to working from home, finding a way to be comfortable, focused, and productive can be tricky. Our Docs of Physical Therapy share tips on how to build a healthy home office.