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menopause cold flashes

You’ve heard of menopause hot flashes, but hormone change can also cause cold flashes. Read why some women get them and what to do when they strike.

menu pause recipe 2 gluten free banana bread

Banana bread and your biological clock Nicky, aka “Boredom Baker” here! Why is it that, as we age, recommended recipes seem to get more and more boring? I remember when I was a kid, sitting on the trampoline enjoying a […]

the menopause quiz

The Menopause Quiz In our ongoing quest to help answer questions around the hormonal journey, we invite you to take a trip around our menopause game board. Challenge a buddy, and whoever gets the higher score gets to ride the […]

menopause ease food feta chicken salad

Easing menopause systems with a delicious feta chicken salad My name is Nicky, aka “Boredom Baker,” and I have created some delicious recipes that also help to ease those annoying menopause symptoms. I mean, who has time for a hot flash when […]

genneve facebook group midlife and menopause solutions

Team genneve is lucky. We get to hear from you. You call us to place an order. You email us your thoughts on our products. Sometimes we have the very real pleasure of talking to you in person. You tell […]

six healthy things you shouldnt do

Do you hover above a public toilet, convinced you’re doing the right thing for your health? Not a good plan, say our Physical Therapists. Check out these six things you do to be healthier. Then don’t.