juju hook primetime

When you think midlife, do you think vibrant and exciting? Or tired, overheated, and finished? Juju Hook is rebranding midlife to PrimeTime.

pelvic organ prolapse

An act as simple as holding your breath can impact your pelvic floor. Learn what causes pelvic organ prolapse and how to avoid it from our DPTs.

perimenopause birth control

Women in perimenopause can still get pregnant. Choose the right birth control to avoid being on the “plus side of the pee stick.”

menopause body fat

Belly fat: even women who generally put on weight in the hips & thighs may notice abdominal gain in midlife. Here’s why and what to do about it.

seasonal foods health

Nutrition coach Michelle Cartmel wants you to shift your thinking around winter eating and elevate your mood with whole, seasonal foods.

gifts women midlife menopause

Stumped on a gift idea for a woman over 40? We’ve got some great suggestions for gifts to give that wonderful, sexy, midlife someone.