Learn more about menopause

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Working out has gotten trickier lately, and not just because we're all trying to exercise at home with less space and equipment than we're used to. As our bodies change over time, it is normal for our exercise routine to need adjustment as well.

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April is Stress Awareness Month, and this year with Coronavirus and COVID19, it's more than fitting as we go through self-isolation and quarantine. Click for info about what to be aware of to stave off stress regarding perimenopause and menopause.

healthy home office

For those of us who have switched to working from home, finding a way to be comfortable, focused, and productive can be tricky. Our Docs of Physical Therapy share tips on how to build a healthy home office.

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Feeling stiff or achy when you get up to run errands or prep the next meal? Any pain in your joints? Potential reasons and remedies are at the ready, right here.

pelvic health

In this video/podcast, Dr. Meagan speaks with Gennev Health Coach Stasi Kasianchuk about pelvic function. What are the pelvic muscles? What do we use them for? How do we keep them strong and fit?

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Self-care is a critical element, a non-negotiable, now more than ever. Reclaiming what was once your commute time for self-care can look like this and sustain you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Take a look.