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News flash: you CAN maintain an exercise routine during the holidays. And for women in menopause, staying active has so many rewards. Read on for tips to get or stay fit, even in the festive season.

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According to fitness app Strava, January 12 is where New Year's Resolutions go to die. Why do we quit? And how can we get past our barriers to be healthier for life?

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Exercising regularly is not just a matter of better scheduling or more willpower. It’s accessibility, privacy, convenience, affordability, time...hear how one woman is breaking down barriers to exercise with a unique, powerful device.

personal trainer midlife menopause

O, the fitness plateau, when your best efforts lead to … no change. Maybe it’s time to bring in a personal trainer. So, how do you pick the right person?

healthy walking menopause

What could you do with seven more years? A 25-minute walk a day could increase your lifespan and your creativity and help protect you from disease and dementia. Shall we walk?

keep build midlife muscle

Women in midlife are prone to losing muscle, which can affect our balance and bones. Coach Lesley gives us 5 exercises to keep and build muscle.