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mediterranean diet cooking menopause

The Mediterranean eating style is great for women in menopause. If you're not sure what that is or how to do it, or you just want to add to your repertoire, check out this conversation between a Gennev Menopause Coach and a chef who specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

holiday recipe update

Refresh a few of your holiday favorites this season and enjoy a little menopausal symptom relief too.

holiday shopping midlife women

Read up on the do's and don'ts of holiday shopping. Save yourself some stress and make a good plan for yourself, your family, and your whole holiday season.

safe supplements menopause

Shopping for supplements can be overwhelming — so many choices! Which ones are safe and effective? Dr. Wendy Ellis educates on why the supplement market can be tricky and how to navigate it.

mediterranean diet menopause

Is one way of eating healthier than others? If there is a "super diet," it's probably the Mediterranean Diet, which has many health benefits, particularly for women in menopause.

menopause bloat gas

Ironic how a menopause symptom can make you look pregnant. Learn more about what causes the dreaded Gassy Bloat and what you can do to relieve it.