genneve rebranded gennev

Jill Angelo, CEO of the newly rebranded Gennev says, "I’m in love with the new Gennev look, feel, and most of all, what the brand represents. I hope you are too." The new brand is fresh, vibrant, and confident—just like the women we serve.

new gennev

We're introducing a new Gennev brand and membership to better serve the strong, powerful, modern women you are. Gennev is your community for the second half of life because you have #NoTimeToPause.

changes genneve

Big things are coming at genneve, and we're excited to share them with you. CEO Jill Angelo talks headspace, hellopause, and good things to come.

menopause hot flash

They say you always remember your first ... hot flash? Jill Angelo discusses her first hot flash and how we should honor all our rites of passage.

genneve nams menopause

Talking with 1200 experts in women's midlife care is a great way to learn more and share genneve's mission to help women take control of their health in menopause. Read more about genneve at the NAMS Annual Meeting.

menopause respect

Do we give the menopause time of life the respect it deserves? genneve CEO Jill Angelo asks, "If we didn’t have awareness that menopause was a bad thing, would we even think that it was when it arrived?"