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mediterranean diet cooking menopause

The Mediterranean eating style is great for women in menopause. If you're not sure what that is or how to do it, or you just want to add to your repertoire, check out this conversation between a Gennev Menopause Coach and a chef who specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

manage holiday stress menopause

Scan for tips and prompts to help you get a handle on holiday stress and manage menopause symptoms.

holiday shopping midlife women

Read up on the do's and don'ts of holiday shopping. Save yourself some stress and make a good plan for yourself, your family, and your whole holiday season.

hot flashes functional nutrition

Can orgasms and Brazil nuts help you avoid hot flashes? Possibly! Lifestyle changes and good nutrition can go a long way to reducing and relieving menopause symptoms. Learn more from functional nutritionist Nicole Negron.

menopause diabetes

Menopause increases your risk of diabetes, which in turn increases your risk of heart disease, vision problems, kidney disease, and other problems. Learn how to understand and minimize the risk.

irritability menopause natural remedies

Irritability in menopause is very real, and when your job, your kids, your life get under your skin, it can eat away at your confidence and happiness. Learn some natural remedies to counter the irritation and get your joy back.