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midlife menopause fun

Midlife for women can be a time of new interests, heightened curiosity, greater expression of creativity, and much more. Dr. Barbara Mark tells us how celebrate the transformation.

midlife me time barbara mark

You’re a successful woman in midlife, but you find yourself asking, “Is this it?” Answer: no. Find the fulfillment you deserve! Hear our podcast with Dr. Barbara Mark.

juju hook primetime

When you think midlife, do you think vibrant and exciting? Or tired, overheated, and finished? Juju Hook is rebranding midlife to PrimeTime.

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Stumped on a gift idea for a woman over 40? We’ve got some great suggestions for gifts to give that wonderful, sexy, midlife someone.

opioids addiction menopause

Women, particularly women in midlife, are disproportionately affected by the opioid crisis. So we found an expert to help us understand & protect ourselves.

skin sense healing dry skin menopause

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Menopause and midlife can make skin dry, thin, and fragile. Learn to protect and heal your skin from a skin-care expert.