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good healthy happy sex life 40 plus

Want to be healthy in midlife? Eat veggies. Wear sunscreen. Have sex. Turns out, sex is good for everything from skin to sleep. “SexMD” Madeleine Castellanos helps us learn to love it again.

sex positivity midlife talk with doctor about sexuality

Sexuality is such an awkward topic, we don’t even discuss it with our doctors. Sex educator and medical consultant Bianca Palmisano weighs in on how to start talking as a first step to a healthier sex life.

twenty reasons love your 40s

I wish someone had told me in my 20s how strong, confident, sassy and sexy I would feel in my 40s! When I was in my 20s, I moved to New York City right after graduating from college. This small […]

hormones menopause and getting your midlife mojo back with dr anna garrett

The experience of menopause differs from woman to woman, but in our conversations with women, one thing seems nearly universal: the more information a woman has, the more in-control she feels over her body and her transition. The problem? Because […]