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menopause thyroid functional medicine

Trouble sleeping? Dry skin? Is it menopause, or could it be your thyroid? Many symptoms look the same in each, so we talked with a functional medicine physician to learn the difference.

midlife me time barbara mark

You’re a successful woman in midlife, but you find yourself asking, “Is this it?” Answer: no. Find the fulfillment you deserve! Hear our podcast with Dr. Barbara Mark.

libeeration beer women menopause

Imagine a beer that not only tastes fantastic but that could also potentially soothe some of your menopause symptoms. It exists. And we couldn’t be happier.

kicking sugar habit menopause hormones

Most of us eat way too much sugar. Is it truly addictive? What does it do to our bodies? We talked with Dr. Anna Garrett about kicking the sugar habit.

painful sex no hormones mona lisa touch

Mona Lisa Touch: You probably haven’t heard of it, but if you’re a woman in midlife, you might want to take a moment to hear about it. This “fractionated CO2 laser,” we hear, can return vaginal tissue to a pre-menopausal […]

success lifestyle wellness coach

Even very successful people can use some help to feel fulfilled. Mary worked with health and lifestyle coach Lara Dalch to find balance and true success.