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perimenopause birth control

Women in perimenopause can still get pregnant. Choose the right birth control to avoid being on the “plus side of the pee stick.”

7 things wish someone told mom

transitioning into parenthood: what to expect from a first time pregnancy “All of a sudden, all these medical professionals are like, ‘Have fun with your baby, see ya!’ And the hospital door shuts behind you, and you have no idea […]

fertility planning egg freezing

Egg freezing is still a relatively new fertility planning option for women and couples wanting to delay pregnancy for a few years. We wanted to know more about this fascinating procedure that younger women are opting for to freeze their […]

egg freezing family planning

Want a family, just not right now? What are your options if you want to delay having kids? We talked egg freezing with fertility expert Dr. Lorna Marshall.

reproductive endocrinologist dr lora shahine on fertility ivf and having hope

Dr. Lora Shahine talks with genneve about fertility, pregnancy loss, and the options women and couples have to start or complete their families.

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“It’s the only time I’ve ever actually wanted to die. I had one migraine that was so bad, I thought, ‘I could kill myself right now. I could really just die.’ It was that bad.”