Learn more about menopause

hotter hot flashes menopause

Is it possible that hot flashes come in multiple temperatures? Including "hotter"? What's the connection between body temperature and hot flashes? What happens? This and more in this post.

stress menopause covid19

April is Stress Awareness Month, and this year with Coronavirus and COVID19, it's more than fitting as we go through self-isolation and quarantine. Click for info about what to be aware of to stave off stress regarding perimenopause and menopause.

sleep stress immunity  covid 19

How do sleep (not enough) and stress (too much) impact your immunity and therefore your vulnerability to COVID 19 or other illnesses? Find out the risks and how to mitigate them in this pre-recorded webinar with a Gennev Health Coach.

covid 19 sleep stress immune system

Supportive strategies and tips around sleep and stress during this COVID-19 crisis. Plus a special invitation to our free webinar with Health Coach Stasi.

self care work from home

Self-care is a critical element, a non-negotiable, now more than ever. Reclaiming what was once your commute time for self-care can look like this and sustain you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Take a look.

stress heart disease menopause

Stress has more of an impact on heart health than once thought. Take a look and see for yourself... Don't miss the relaxation tips while you're here.