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gennev menopause zeitgeist

Gennev announces the Menopause Zeitgeist — the largest survey of its kind with results from more than 6000 women. What are women in menopause experiencing, how is it impacting their lives, and what do women want in 2020?

women people magazine midlife

Women are doing amazing things in 2019, and midlife women are leading the charge. Read more about why People magazine's People of the Year for 2019 are such important choices.

good intentions new year

The difference between an intention and a resolution could mean the difference between success and failure.

menopause diabetes symptoms

Surprise! Similar symptoms can be experienced in both perimenopause and diabetes. More reason to stay aware and take good care.

gennev today show

Gennev CEO Jill Angelo joins host Maria Shriver on NBC's Today Show on December 10. Join her for a conversation about women, menopause, and taking control of your health in the second chapter of life.

name women menopause

It's a new age for women in menopause. No longer invisible, this large and powerful group are taking back control of their lives. But what name do we call ourselves that truly reflects the vibrant women we are?