We exercise to build our muscles and strengthen our lungs. We take supplements for strong bones. We smear sunscreen on to protect our skin. How about some help to keep your lady parts happy and healthy?

Master herbalist, Wellness expert, and  nutrition educator Jovanka Ciares has a quick, easy, three-herb tonic that you can mix yourself to help optimize the health of your body, particularly the reproductive system. And it’s not just for women hoping to get pregnant: No matter where you are in your reproductive life, Jovanka says, these three herbs can help keep everything in prime health.

Female Herbs To Improve Reproductive Health


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Jovanka is a featured expert at People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Whole Foods, Veria Living, Fox News LA, NPR and CBS Radio. She’s also a regular contributor in Spanish-language media outlets like Telemundo and is a contributing guest expert at The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, BlogHer and PositivelyPositive. Jovanka gave her first TEDx talk on “Rethinking Failure” in November 2013. Want more Jovanka (and who doesn’t, frankly)? Check out her creation: the Wellness Smackdown , an online wellness & learning community for healthy living, which was featured on the first season of ABC’s “My Diet Is Better Than Yours.” Jovanka also offers lectures, workshops and wellness coaching in both English and Spanish.

Want more herbal relief? Check out Jovanka’s ebook, 12 Libido-Enhancing Herbs, for even more support of your healthy, fabulous life. Herbs can also help with more than reproductive health. Check out our herbs for digestion as well.


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