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Our bodies go through many changes as we enter midlife. Is what’s happening to me normal? How can I feel better and get my confidence back? Join our trusted community of women with shared experiences. Share. Vent. Celebrate.

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I feel positive about this [perimenopause] and am most definitely embracing this part of my life. I hope that we can collectively help others feel the same.


It was the [genneve Ask an Ob/gyn] webinar that did it. It was so unbelievably informative. I have been to see a lot of doctors and researched the web, and I got more out of that webinar. You can face stuff better when you know what's happening.


Amazing resource for women in midlife. Thank you genneve!

Shannon H. P.

Thanks everyone for your support, I feel better just knowing it's not all in my head or a serious warning sign of a fatal disease...


I am officially obsessed with genneve! They really take the time to figure out the best quality and balance for women.


genneve answers a very real need for women's health, and I applaud the fact that a brand is finally giving a voice to the topic.

Dr. Rebecca Nelken, uro-gynecologist

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