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Our Journey

Our Journey

  1. 2016

    • Surveyed 1500 women about their menopause experience
    • Founded The Feminina Group, Inc. (dba Genneve)
    • Launched Genneve Intimate Moisture and pH Balanced Body Wash products
    • Genneve Co-Founder and CEO Jill Angelo named one of Inc.’s “Most Effective Female CEOs”
    • Hired Director of Programming and Media (our researcher/writer)
  2. 2017

    • Launched our modern menopause education platform
    • Started Genneve community in Facebook (Midlife & Menopause Solutions)
    • Launched Genneve pH Balanced Cleansing Cloths
    • Reached 10,000 customer milestone
  3. 2018

    • Joined Startup Health as part of the Global Women’s Health Moonshot
    • Hired Chief Medical Officer Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, M.D. MCSE, OB/GYN, NCMP
    • Secured North American Menopause Society certification
    • Developed the first-ever Menopause Assessment to answer women’s #1 question: Am I in menopause?
  4. 2019

    • Launched telehealth gynecology services and prescription support for menopause
    • Named one of Fast Company’s 2019 Wellness Trends
    • Secured Seed venture investment from Blue Run Ventures and Maven Ventures
    • Hired VP of Technology from Providence Healthcare
    • Rebranded as Gennev to reflect the diversity of the women we serve
    • Featured on NBC Today Show with Maria Shriver
  5. 2020

    • Expanded telehealth specialties to support primary care in response to COVID-19
    • Launched HealthFix Coaching Membership to support lifestyle and behavior change
    • Added our first Naturopathic doctor to our team of 25 OB/GYNs
    • Launched Gennev Vitality multi-vitamin supplement for women 40+ with 5-star reviews
    • Reached milestone of 50,000 Menopause Assessment completions
    • Launched first-of-its-kind Menopause Journey Map
Our Journey
Our Story

Our Story

Like the women we serve, Gennev is only getting better with age.

It started with a simple survey to 1500 women in perimenopause and post menopause. Our goal was to learn what solutions women used to find relief from their menopause symptoms. Instead, we learned that women weren’t prepared for menopause, they were embarrassed, they felt dismissed by their doctors, they felt alone.

Women told us to start the conversation.

With this information, we researched and spoke with experts and built a library of physician-vetted articles, podcasts and webinars about menopause, including HRT and migraines, and how hard it is to perform in your job with brain fog and irritability and incredibly heavy periods.

But we knew there was more we could do. We could connect women directly with the experts, the solutions, and the community they needed to truly thrive.

We expanded Gennev to offer a modern approach to menopause: we are your online clinic for the second half of your life … starting with menopause.

Finally, women have a place to learn about real solutions and get product recommendations for symptom relief. They can book virtual appointments with OB/GYNs who can diagnose and prescribe. And with a membership, they can work with health coaches certified in lifestyle behavior change for managing weight and body image, sleepless nights, anxiety and loneliness.

Being Gen-X women, we are experiencing changes in our periods, mood changes, trouble sleeping and even a hot flash or two. Our metabolism is slowing down, we are sometimes forgetful, and some of us have experienced breast cancer.

We understand women’s health and we’re fundamentally re-imagining the way women manage menopause with telehealth, products and community. We’re changing the way women are supported in the workplace. And we’re influencing women’s health research with the hopes of finding promising new solutions for women in the second half of life.

Like you, we’re getting wiser, not just older.

We are on this journey with you.

Our Story
Our Values

Our Values

  1. We are a safe place
  2. We partner
  3. We believe in science and data
  4. We work hard to earn trust
  5. We are advocates
  6. We’re for all people
Our Values
Our Mission

Our Mission

Empower women to take control of their health in the second half of life…starting with menopause

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our Providers

Our Providers

Our Providers

93% of women in menopause do not get the care they need, because their doctor simply hasn’t been trained on menopause. Menopausal care hasn’t been on the top of healthcare’s education or research agenda, until now.

Gennev has a team of OB/GYNs, Naturopathic Doctors and Registered Dietitians that double as health coaches to be your care team. All of them are experienced in menopause and have received Gennev's Menopause Training. Many of them are certified by the North American Menopause Society, and you’ll see that designation – NCMP – in their title.

Our telehealth services are in all 50 states. Our treatment options include prescription medications (HRT, Birth Control, UTI, etc.), natural treatments and supplement recommendations, and lifestyle behaviors for symptom relief. And if you need lab work or in-office procedures, we will help you find a provider.

Our mission is to help you take care of your health in the second half of life, starting with menopause. We care about your hormonal health, your emotional health, your heart, brain and bones. We like to think of women’s menopausal care as whole woman care.

Medical Advisory Board

Medical Advisory Board